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Skylawn Memorial

So, When pleasure’s dream is gone, It’s memory lives in Music’s breath.” —from On Music by Thomas Moore

The power of music to soothe and comfort is of great value to those experiencing this difficult time. Choosing to include live music is a way to personalize a funeral or memorial service, whether you choose favorite songs or leave the selections up to your musicians. Natalie’s many years of experience gives her the ability to offer you a wide selection of hymns, classical music and popular songs of meaningful sentiment. Natalie brings music to families on a regular basis at Skylawn Memorial Cemetary and Funeral Home in San Mateo. There she also provides Music Meditations on her harp in the Mausoleum on the many holidays spanning the year.

My Grandpa would have loved your music. The harp and cello were his favorite two instruments!” —Mary. L.


Audio Samples:

Skyboat Song

Over the Rainbow

In Paradisum

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